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Attitude Driven Team Formation using Multi-Dimensional Trust


When agents form a team to solve a given problem, a critical step in improving performance is selecting beneficial teammates by identifying the helpfulness of other agents. To maximize its performance, an agent must consider the trustworthiness of potential teammates relative to multiple behavioral constraints. This multidimensional trustworthiness assessment is shown to be of significant benefit in solving the team formation problem. This research also introduces the concept of attitude to dictate an agent’s teammate selection behavior to identify the most influential facet among multiple dimensions. In this sense, attitudes define how an agent prioritizes different dimensions in behavior constraints. Also the concept of learning agent attitudes is defined and experimentally shown to aid in teammate selection.

J. Ahn, D. DeAngelis, and K. S. Barber. Attitude Driven Team Formation using Multi-Dimensional Trust. In the
Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE WIC ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology; San Jose, CA, USA; November, 2007.
Dave DeAngelis,
Jun 4, 2009, 12:26 PM